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The origin of the Temper of Guadalajara dates back to 1990, integrated and registered as a person. It was not until 1992 when it registered as variable capital corporation under the name of Temper of Guadalajara, S.A. de C.V.

Since our beginnings TemperGDL have specialized in supplying to the industry, systems for heat generation and equipment targeted for monitoring, analysis and control of thermal processes.

Around 1994, Temper of Guadalajara joined a new business line, which was to develop and manufacture our own products, with emphasis on quality and durability, thereby seeking to improve our market presence.

Our manufacturing plant is strategically located in Zapopan, Jal. within the metropolitan area, with an approximate 1,000 m2 area.

Since 1996 the growth and development of the business has been steady, making a stronger presence, and solid skills.

All these achievements have been the result of a team of tenacious and efficient work, with which we will continue to grow steady in the coming years.

The main focus of our company is to give a clear response to the needs of industry, this means to grow together to continue and provide quality and excellent service.

Offer to the transformation industry a solution to their problems and heat control, through marketing and specialized technical assistance for the regulation and implementation of processes and products, increasing their efficiency and competitiveness.

Consolidate as a company in which our clients rely on the image, reputation and most importantly, quality.
Grow and establish ourselves as a group in the medium term the main points of the Mexican Republic.
Offer new product lines and services, always thinking in a single objective: The Customer.


They are based on the following concepts:

  • Communication
  • Honesty
  • Respect
  • Ethics
  • Professionalism

Each of this complements to generate the daily value to our products and services.

Fermín Riestra # 1105
Col. Moderna. Guadalajara, Jalisco, México, C.P. 44190
Tels: 52 (33) 36139226, 36139235, 36139236.

Wenceslao de la Barquera Núm. 3
Col. Cimatario, C.P. 76030
Tels: 52 (442) 224-3734, 212-7133, 212-7517
Fax: (442) 212-7947
Querétaro, Querétaro.México

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