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RT Manufacturing

Since the beginning of the manufacturing area, were developed several types of resistance:

Into the manufacturing area our emphasis was placed on delivering to the plastic industry with quality products, that causes the growth in this business line was in very high percentages. Always thinking about in the customer we choose move our manufacturing area to a better location located in Zapopan.

Currently our factory has an area of 660 mt2 where many areas have been created as:
  • Quality Control.
  • Laboratory.
  • Electric department and development.
Thinking always exceed the expectations of our customers, all products are manufactured with quality and before we delivery to the client our quality department made a inspection.

Our development area had included a new product line, like:

-    Temperature sensors, grounded, ungrounded, exposed, etc.

-    Electrical Ovens.

-    Fluid heat transfer systems.

-    Circulation Heaters.

-    Control cabinets.

Temper is always making investment to increase our quality process, currently bought a sophisticated drawing program and with this can be analyzed and be dimensioned to review in detail any parts before start in production area.

Our main target is to deliver products that meet the following needs of our clients:

  •     Excellent delivery time.
  •     Quality.
  •     Price.

This has been achieved thanks to our qualified staff and our updating process.

Fermín Riestra # 1105
Col. Moderna. Guadalajara, Jalisco, México, C.P. 44190
Tels: 52 (33) 36139226, 36139235, 36139236.

Wenceslao de la Barquera Núm. 3
Col. Cimatario, C.P. 76030
Tels: 52 (442) 224-3734, 212-7133, 212-7517
Fax: (442) 212-7947
Querétaro, Querétaro.México

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